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Fall Running

28 Sep

I did it again!  I ran another 20 miles.  It wasn’t as pretty as the first 20 miles but I did it.
I quick mileage update!
Since my last post: 81.55 miles
Total for the year: 732.17 miles

If you remember my goal was to run 1000 miles this year.  I think that I should make my goal!!


Fall Running really is the best…whenever I run outside in the fall, I always look around and say to myself, why wouldn’t I run, it is absolutely perfect and beautiful out.  I love the leaves under my feet.  Looking forward to my 12 miles in the morning.

Newport Rhode Island marathon is two weeks from tomorrow.  I am excited and of course getting a little nervous.  I feel that I am ready!  Even though I only have two more weeks of this training plan, I am beginning to think about my next training plan for Disney, which is only 106 days away.  I am also thinking about what races I want to do next year.  First one I am thinking about is the New Jersey Marathon.
I am still hoping to get two more half marathons in by the end of the year.

There isn’t much other news except that Dave is super busy with band, I am super busy with school and the kids are really enjoying school.

Sorry for the FEW pictures.  I guess I need to take some pictures because I really haven’t taken any in a long while!

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